Tie Bars & Tie Tacks

Tie bars and tie tacks by Speidel are the perfect complement to your professional, formal, or classic look. Essential for any special occasion, your big day, or just another day at the office, you can't leave the house without this accent piece.

Our men's tie bars and tie tacks are offered in classic gold and sterling silver styles. To pair with a suit or formal attire, Speidel offers tie bars with signets and simple polished and diagonal striped finishes. For a unique look that matches your style and interests, explore our nautical-themed anchor tie bar, fireman axe tie bar, cross tie bar, or scales of justice tie bar.

These tie bars and tie tacks are expertly crafted, made in the U.S.A., and designed with your style and comfort in mind. Explore our classic, unique, and refined collection of unique tie bars and tie tacks for your perfect fit.

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