Kids' Charms

Take a peek at our kids' charms that can seamlessly integrate into your kids' favorite Speidel bracelets. Made to compliment the jewelry your kids already wear, these charms are an easy way to add some fun to their jewelry and accessories. Supplement your kid's ID bracelet with a medical ID charm to alert medical personnel of your child's unique needs.

Our charms are so cute that they can also make a nice gift for a birthday, elementary school graduation, school play, a good grade on a report card, or any other significant event in your child's life. The kids in your life will be giddy when they get to add their new charm to their ID jewelry. Our charms are made with high quality stainless steel for durability and style.

Check out our subtle and fashionable charms. And if your son or daughter doesn't already have a charm bracelet, find a match in our kids' ID bracelet selection today.

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