22mm Watch Bands

Speidel's collection of 22mm replacement watch bands were made to fit your specific wrist size. Our selection of sport, leather, scrub, and metal watch straps were made for your unique style. Our replacement watch straps are perfect for those who value adventure, prestige, and tradition, while offering unparalleled comfort and versatility.

The sport watch straps are crafted to match your level of high-performance. Speidel's leather watch selection offers endless options in alligator, buffalo grain, lizard, and classic cowhide leather and simple class and sophistication when it comes to your style.

Our 22mm scrub watches are crafted for the nurse, medical professional, or anyone looking to optimize comfort and flexibility. These 22mm watch straps come in many colors and are designed for easy take-off and put-on.

Finally, upgrade your collection with a 22mm metal watch band from Speidel. These watch straps add effortless elegance and taste to any outfit, and are perfect for any casual, professional, or social event.

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