20mm Watch Bands

You know that a 20mm watch band is the perfect fit; now let us help you find your perfect watch band style. Whether it be a leather, sport, or metal watch straps, Speidel has exactly the 20mm watch strap you're looking for.

Our classic leather watch bands are stylish, sophisticated, and traditional, all while remaining completely modern. They are crafted to match any outfit and any occasion. Speidel's replacement 20mm sport watch bands are a sleek blend of sport and prestige that will accompany you on any adventure.

Finally, Speidel's 20mm metal watch straps live at the intersection of both cutting-edge style and effortless elegance. With many styles including the expandable Twist-O-Flex watch strap, Speidel's replacement metal watch straps offer the durability, comfort, and class to carry you from everyday wear to professional events to drinks after work. Upgrade your collection with the perfect 20mm watch strap from Speidel.

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