18mm Watch Bands

Look no further than Speidel's 18mm watch band collection for your perfect size, style, and colored watch strap. Our 18mm replacement watch bands include Sport, Twist-O-Flex Metal, Leather, Scrub styles. The sleek sport watch straps are a bold addition to your collection. With water resistant technology and unmatched versatility, these watch straps are ready to follow you on any adventure.

The Twist-O-Flex watch strap is our classic, reliable, and incredibly stylish expandable metal watch strap. This watch band is perfect for any professional, casual, or everyday endeavor. Our 18mm replacement leather watch bands—offered in Lizard, Alligator, Buffalo Grain, Crocodile, and Classic Cowhide—offer nearly endless ways to boost your favorite watch's style. Explore our various colors and styles to find a leather watch band that's perfect for you.

Finally, our scrub watches are made specifically for nurses and medical professionals, and offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility. Find your perfect match in our wide offering of 18mm watch bands.

Find other sizes and designs of watch straps in our fullwatch band collection.

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